Six Great Garden Design Tips

Garden Design
Whether you are in a place where you have a brand new area to design and landscape, or you are looking for fast and fun ways to overhaul your existing garden, you will find that there are some tips that can make it a lot easier to get the design that you want. When you are looking to get a fresh and dramatic new look for your garden design, make sure that you keep these tips in mind.

1.Take in the whole picture

When you are looking at garden design, remember that you should take into account the whole area. Make sure that the part of the Garden Landscaping that you are working on is going to mesh well with the other parts. If you take in the big picture at the beginning, you will be able to have a better plan for the garden as a whole.

2.Judge your plant height

When you are looking to put in new plants, make sure that you know how tall they will grow and how wide a footprint they are going to need. While this may give you a rather sparse garden to start with, you will find that you will be grateful for your foresight when your plants grow in.

3.Choose wider flower beds

When you are planning flower beds, remember that for the most part, the wider your flower beds are, the more attractive they are going to be. You will find that a wider bed will give you a more lush look to your garden, as well as making sure that you can have some artfully arranged sprawl of the plants you choose, saving you from a look that is too harsh or geometric.

4.Clean lines

When you are lying out some decorative edging or when you are plotting out your flower beds, remember that you should make the lines as clean as possible. Stay away from lines that are overly complex; try to avoid lines that wiggle or that zig-zag. If you prefer a more geometric shape, you will find that the line of your flower beds should be straight, while a curve, whether gentle or dramatic, will soften the look.

5.Do some color planning

When you are planning your garden design, remember that you should think about the colors that appeal to you. While of course this refers to the color of the flowers that you have chosen, don't forget to choose plants that have complementary green tones as well. Also think about what will be in bloom when; with the right planning, you can have an explosion of good color for nearly the length of your growing season!

6.Anchor your garden

When you are looking to make a unified harmonious Garden designs Princeton, remember that your garden should have a good focal point. Whether it is a lovely trellis or a small fountain or a bench, take some time to think about where you want your guests' eyes to land when they first enter your garden. Think about what your design sensibility is like, and make sure that find a focal point that suits you and pleases your eye!

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