7 Landscaping Ideas to Maximize the Use of a Small Yard

Landscape Design a small yard can be more difficult than deciding how to maximize a larger area. However, there are some helpful ideas and tips that can make the process easier.
1. Eye catching plants: Pick 3 or 4 truly unusual plants that will catch visitor's attention and move their eyes around the yard. This will make the yard seem larger because their eyes will travel over more area. Make sure the plants you choose are ones that you really like. In the end you are the one that will be spending the most time in your yard.
2. Plants that grow up instead of out: Use taller plants or flowering bushes in corners or the back of a flower bed to add interest and draw the eyes upwards. Rose of Sharon bushes are a good example of this, as well as some of the hybrid lilacs. You want to pick plants or bushes that will not fill outwards though as they will appear to take over your yard. Tall lilies or sunflowers would also work well to draw the eye higher and make your yard appear larger.
3. Confine plants so that they do not spread: Most garden designers love perennials like lilies, tulips, and irises. However, with a small yard you want to be sure to enclose the roots of these hardy perennial plants so that they to not spread and take over your flower beds. A piece of large PVC pipe cut in 12 to 18 inch lengths can be used for this. Bury it completely in the ground so that the top edge is just below the dirt and plant your flowers in it.
4. Potted plants: If your yard is walled or fenced you can expand your planting area with the use of hanging pots of flowers. Vines do really well in these and they will add to the restfulness of your yard by seeming to enclose you in a lush green retreat.
5. Planting boxes: Planting boxes attached to the wall of your house can also help to expand your available growing area. If you have windows overlooking your yard you get the added benefit of flowering plants right outside the screens. Try to find highly scented plants for the window box planters so that you can enjoy the fragrance all through the house.
6. Wall mounted water feature: Most people find the sound of running water to be relaxing. With a small yard many people feel that they do not have room to add a water feature. However, there are many varieties of wall mounted fountains or water walls that take up very little space and still give you the benefit of the sound and look of moving water.
7. Layering: Layer plants that come up early in the spring like crocus and daffodils in with plants that will not appear until later. Not only do you get to enjoy some fresh color early in the year, you can actually have two plants growing in almost the same space. By the time later plants begin to grow the early bloomers can be cut back without damaging them.
These are just a few ideas that can make landscaping in a small area easier and provide a summer of beautiful color for you.

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