Garden Design For New Homes

When many people move in to a new home with an existing garden, they often want to change it. Some of the main things they want to alter are the style of plants, so they are the ones they like. The color of plants and flowers. The use of space, for things like playing or relaxing, or to create borders or screens around the garden.

One of the biggest mistakes home gardeners make, similar to home handymen, is not having a plan from the beginning, about what the final result should look like. This often results and many half completed jobs and disjointed areas of garden as a result of changing ideas. Another big problem is having ideas that are too hard for a home gardener to complete, so they either get pushed to the side, or done in a makeshift way. There are different strategies for revamping an old garden, but one of the most important steps for successful designs is to make a complete plan from the beginning, so that you have a goal. Everyone knows that targets are more likely to be reached when you have a fixed goal.

Often major parts of the design process will be dictated by the natural Landscape Architect, Garden Designs New Jersey, and the job of the garden designer is to work with nature and use the positives that different features will provide. Another big step is to think about what the main purpose of different spaces will be. This will help you to think about the way they should be laid out and if appropriate, bordered.

One of the hardest jobs in the garden is digging holes. So think about this in your design and try to either limit the holes you need to dig for trees or poles etc. Getting them in the right place the first time is the best way to cut down on unnecessary digging.

Many garden designers will start from one end of the garden and work their way through the design from let's say front to back, and incorporate all the different areas into the drawing that way. Usually the house will be the first thing drawn on any design, as it is a permanent structure.

Another strategy when drawing a design is to start with the most important features in the garden. If you want to have a water feature for example, then sometimes it is better to put that into the drawing first, as it will most likely be something that you will plan many other parts of your garden around. Similar to the house, it is a more permanent feature. In some cases, large trees or feature trees like fruit trees.

As our climate becomes hotter in most areas of Australia, working out which areas of your garden will be more shaded than others is important. Planting trees in an area that is either too sunny or shady for them, will again mean digging more holes in the future to move them to a better spot or to replace them.

Whichever strategy you use, having an overall plan is a big step toward reaching the goal of a completed garden that you both enjoy and are proud of.


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