Garden Fountains at Home

Many people are looking for the perfect complement for the decor of their garden design, and the garden fountain is definitely a viable option to consider. The beautiful simplicity of a garden fountain not only brings elegance in the structure of the fountain itself, but the natural beauty of water falling is hard to beat. You will find that installing a garden fountain in your home is one of the best ways to ensure that your garden & Lawn  looks beautiful and elegant.

There are going to be many options of garden fountains for you to consider, and it is important that you take the time to look at the various factors of your garden. One main factor to consider is the size of your garden, which can help you to choose the correct size of garden fountain. The larger your garden, the more space you will have in which to install a garden fountain.

There are two main types of garden fountains for you to consider:
• Spray fountains send the water into the air in a fine mist or spray. The water may be sprayed by jets in a number of patterns, and they accentuate the natural beauty of any garden. Spray fountains are more often used in modern homes, simply because they tend to look much more elegant.

• Statuary fountains are used as decorations and enhancements for gardens around the world, as they come in many shapes and sizes. Statuary fountains have been used for centuries, and they usually have more controlled jets of water. Most statuary fountains will have a calming effect that spray fountains cannot achieve with their pressurized streams of water.

Both types of fountains will be an excellent addition to your garden design, as long as you remember to choose the type of fountain that fits the style of your home and your garden .

When looking into a garden fountain to install in your home, you will need to consider the type of pump that you will be using in your fountain. An integrated pump usually comes installed in the fountain system, while a remote pump is separate from the fountain and pumps water through a pipe. An integrated pump is designed to last longer, but a remote pump can more easily be repaired.

You will also need to select the strength of the motor on your pump. If you want a spray fountain, you will find that a stronger pump will deliver the high pressure water that you want for your fountain. If you are using a statuary fountain, a lower pressure pump can be used simply because you don't need to pump the water at such high speeds.

The final factor to consider is the pond for your fountain. Many fountains use an actual pond as a base, with a waterfall style fountain. Others are designed with a special base, such as the fountains modeled after most antique fashions. The pond for your fountain will be a determining factor in the type of fountain that you purchase.

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