The Advantages of Having a Custom Home

For a vast majority of Americans, their home is their primary investment and single largest purchase they will make during their lifetime. For this reason, owning a home that is custom built provides you with many advantages over having a home that is built by a tract builder.

Quality Custom home builders use materials that are not solely price concise or based on quantity discounts, in other words, they don't buy in bulk. They use materials that are specified by the architect or by the homeowner and are solely for the use on your home. Custom builders do not use prefabricated trusses. Instead, quality framers and craftsmen construct your home. The opposite is true of tract builders, who are known for low price as opposed to quality construction.

Relationship Custom home builders tend to be family owned businesses that concentrate on local markets. This business model relies on quality and positive word of mouth, their reputation, in the local market they serve. The home builder is the managing superintendent, so you see him/her on the job site and speak to them regularly. Custom home builders know the subcontractors who will be constructing your house. These subcontractors are used regularly based on the quality of work they produce. Most tract home companies bid out every "job" to the lowest priced subcontractor. These subcontractors most of the time have never been used before, are not from the local area or their quality of work known. Relationship is an important factor to keep in mind. Should questions or problems arise, you will want to ultimately speak to the builder of your home, not an hourly superintendent or multi-million dollar CEO.

Resale Value Thirdly, not only will you have the benefit of living in a quality home constructed with premium materials, but this is also important for your resale value. In addition to having a well built home to increase your resale value, you will also not have a home that looks like all the other homes in the neighborhood. Nothing turns buyers off more than having a home that looks the same as all their neighbors. Personalization is a good thing not only for you, building the home designed to fit your lifestyle, but for investment value as well - as long as personalization is kept in moderation. Another benefit of having a custom built home is not having to compete with the tract builder if they still happen to be building homes in your neighborhood while you want to sell your home. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that they are "stuck" in their tract built neighborhood because they bought in phase 1 and the tract builder is currently building new homes for less money in phase 3.

You Don't Have to SettleLastly, in addition to higher quality construction and higher resale value, the benefit of having a custom home is that you don't have to settle for what comes "standard". You can build a home that suits your personal needs and lifestyle instead of altering your life to fit into a generic built home.

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